Fits Any 2" Trailer Hitch

The PodRunner® mounts on any standard 2” trailer hitch with no speed, road or licensing restrictions.

Roll the PodRunner® to your vehicle hitch and crank the handle to raise the chassis. Once the PodRunner® is engaged on the hitch, you can crank the wheels off the ground and lock the handle for transport—and you’re ready to go!

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>> Emergency Responders

PR-rounded-corner-home1Readiness, Response, Recover

Deploy your response assets for incident command and fire suppression.

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Trusted by Emergency Responders
Manufactured in the USA by Rescue 42, Inc.

Sturdy universal hitch adapter, solid urethane never-flat tires, scissor lift, comfortable, ergonomic grips and braking system are just some of the unique features of the PodRunner®.

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