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PodRunner® Special Edition CERT/MRC Cargo-Pod   $3265

The PodRunner® Cargo-PodⓇ from Rescue 42 is a new way to store and transport gear and equipment. This new scissor-lift cart pulls like a wagon, then easily mounts onto any 2" trailer hitch. Once mounted, the wheels pull up making it ride like a cargo carrier. One person can easily move hundreds of pounds of gear from storage, to vehicle, to deployment site without lifting any weight and without modifying their vehicle.

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How Does This Help CERT & MRC Organizations???

Both CERT and MRC rely heavily on volunteers generously donating their time and energy for both community outreach events and emergency support. The Cargo-PodⓇ reduces the amount of time (and people) needed to transfer heavy/bulky equipment from one location to another, and because the scissor lift does all the heavy lifting, your volunteers (especially retirees) reduce their risk of injury.

The 18 cubic foot Cargo-PodⓇ is lockable, weather resistant and compact for storage. The chassis' safety features include high-intensity LED brake/turn/running lights and illuminated license plate mount while attached to the vehicle. When used as a cart, the duel hydraulic disk brakes, precision steering control, and 'never flat' all-terrain tires allow the unit to go just about anywhere - inside, outside, into elevators and across landscaping.


So, What Goes In It???

Water, food, tents, chairs, tarps, first aid supplies, backpacks, vests, search & rescue support, rehab/recovery supplies, extinguishers, radios, soft stretchers, cones, signs - anything and everything that is currently stored and transported in boxes and plastic bins. The PodRunner® Cargo-PodⓇ allows any volunteer in your organization with a trailer hitch to quickly and easily transport all of your gear in one trip.


Custom Graphics

Our Special Edition CERT and MRC Cargo-PodⓇ includes your choice of one of our graphics packages below. As a bonus, we will also include up to two lines of text to customize your box for your organization or to recognize a sponsor or donor.

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Great add-on item:
Lid Tie-down Racks

These adjustable racks are perfect for transporting pop-up shelters, camp chairs and signs!

* Includes 3 super tracks and 6 load rings.