Mobile Incident Command Centers for Emergency Responders

MABAS12A Quick Response Platform for In-Field Command and Communications

Emergency responders need to rapidly provide professional incident command and tactical dispatchers at the incident. Our PodRunner platform enables quick response and extends the range of most departments.  We enable you to mobilize command onsite anywhere and anytime. Our all-in-one solution provides self-contained power, a professional work environment, and robust technology designed to meet the various service requirements of Police, Fire, EOC, OES and campus police departments

Low Cost Portability Plus Mission-Critical Capabilities

PodRunner® portable platforms give first responders essential information and communication capabilities:

  • On-site tactical dispatch
  • Incident command
  • Restore cellular service
  • Dependable, remote access to the internet
  • Interoperability
  • Surveillance systems
  • Location-based tracking systems
  • CAD platforms
  • Accountability and access control
  • Broadcast TV and Radio Monitoring

A Solution for Every Size Department

Big departments need to fill gaps in coverage where large command units can’t operate. Smaller departments need versatility at a low cost so they can respond to multiple incident scenarios with one asset. Local emergency response organizations need a shared asset that can be harnessed by all members. We provide:

Three PodRunner® Platforms:

Command-Runner | Communications & Command

One Command-Runner serves as a multi-faceted platform:

  • Uniquely portable and inexpensive
  • Can serve as a primary platform in your EOC facility, plus dispatched to any incident site as a tactical dispatch platform
  • Able to transit hallways, buildings, elevators, highways and off-road
  • Contains on-board power systems and 19” rackmounts for customization to suit your department needs
  • Can be equipped as an EOC or ICP

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Star-Runner | High Speed Internet
  • Restore cellular connectivity
  • Internet anywhere, anytime
  • WiFi hot-spot & Ethernet
  • Assured alternate connectivity pathway
  • Use in conjunction with the Command-Runner™ for expanded capability

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Pump-Runner | High Volume Water Pumping

Pump-Runner can respond immediately to move large volumes of water, saving structures, assets and lives. It can serve urban settings as a quick deploy water source for firefighting. Its fast deployment ability and stand-alone operating capability allows the movement of water at high rates to safely avoid property loss, utility disruptions or swift evacuation of sub-surface flooding. From filling fire tankers to dewatering basements or utility vaults, Pump-Runner is ready to perform.

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How May We Help You?

For any questions you may have about our mobile incident command centers or if you would like to discuss how to customize your solution, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You may call us toll free at (888) 427-3728. You may also send any questions you may have through our Contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.