PodRunner® Announces Collaboration with Raven Electronics

Chico, CA - December 12, 2016 – Rescue 42, Inc., the manufacturer of PodRunner®, a uniquely portable communications and incident command platform, and Raven Electronics Corporation, the makers of public safety, military and commercial telecommunication products, today announced a software technology and equipment platform collaboration, supported by a cooperative marketing effort. The collaboration intends to provide industry leading interoperability and dispatch systems, integrated into the uniquely portable Command-Runner™ EOC and Tactical Dispatch platform.

“We are proud to enter into a non-exclusive product offering with Rescue 42, Inc. and the PodRunner® system,” said Michael Marzouk, Vice President of Sales for Raven Electronics. “We believe this integration is a perfect fit for our interoperability and dispatch software, providing a superior portable platform for in-field deployment.”

The FlexGate Dispatch Lite Bundle, Raven’s leading Interoperability System and Dispatch Software, allows you to have complete command and control of your entire communications system from anywhere in the world. Through the Raven 911 dispatch interface, users can easily control patches, monitor communication assets and IP camera systems, and communicate from any Windows-based PC on their network. This system features a port density of up to 12 radio resources that allows users the ability to access the latest technology of dispatch consoles for as low as $1,000 per console position.

PodRunner’s® Command-Runner™ model, a customizable mobile platform for command, communications, data, tactical dispatch and incident management, can be configured with radios, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, computers, monitors, printers, drawers, generated power and charging ports to support nearly any type of field command post operation. The unit rolls like a cart and easily mounts to any vehicle with a 2” trailer hitch, where it rides wheels up, like a cargo carrier. A single person can transport and deploy the all-in-one command center in minutes.  Its unique portability allows it to travel at emergency response speeds or off road.  It’s compact size allows it to enter standard doorways and ride most elevators.

 “Our goal is to provide a quick response, technically superior and cost effective portable platform for EOC, backup EOC and Tactical Dispatch operations.  Command-Runner™ fits into the portfolio of large agencies at a price point that any department can afford”, said Mike Bechtol, President of Rescue 42. 

About Rescue 42

Thousands of public safety departments have trusted Rescue 42 for innovative, dependable fire, police and rescue equipment for over two decades. Located in Chico, California, Rescue 42 has a deep commitment to quality and customer service and enormous pride that all their products are made in the USA. The unique PodRunner® product line includes the Command-Runner™, Pump-Runner™, and the all-new Star-Runner™, a portable broadband satellite system. For more information, videos and photos, visit www.ThePodRunner.com or call our Sales Department at (888) 427-3728.

About Raven Electronics

Raven Electronics Corporation has been in the telecommunication industry for over 40 years. Located in Reno, Nevada, they design and manufacture modern digital signal processing based communications systems. Raven's main product lines are based on the M4x Communications Technology. M4x offers the same functionality that many of their standalone products offer, but all in one box. For more information, visit www.RavenComm.com or contact Michael Marzouk at (775) 686-9090.


Marteen Otway
PodRunner® by Rescue 42