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The NEW PodRunnerⓇ RFW-PodⓇ (Retardant • Foam • Water) is specifically designed to assist with the pretreatment of utility poles and structures with fire retardant. Then with the twist of a valve, it easily switches over to foam/water to put out hot spots after a fire front has passed. 

This unique system is compact and deployable on any pickup truck with a 2" trailer hitch. Within five minutes, the RFW-PodⓇ can be rolled from storage, loaded on a truck and heading towards an area threatened by wildfire. The system comes with two sizes of bladder (pillow) tanks: a 6' tank which holds 130 gallons and an 8' tank holding 260 gallons. These tanks fit into the bed of a pickup truck with the jugs of retardant or foam concentrate and connect to the PodRunner'sⓇ pumping system with the included hard suction lines.

Retardant (Phos-Chek®):
A small suction line feeds the retardant concentrate into a proportioning pump where it is mixed with water at the exact 18.5% needed to provide an effective fire barrier. The retardant is then fed to the hose reel where it can be applied to wooden utility poles, structures and surrounding vegetation. Over 100 utility poles can be efficiently coated on one tank of water. Retardant can be applied at the beginning of fire season and be expected to last through the first significant rains of winter or can be applied just ahead of an approaching wildfire.

After a fire front has passed through an area, the system easily switches over to be able to apply foam or water to put out spot fires and embers. By switching over to a foam concentrate, the proportioning system can be set to mix from 0% to 3.75% at up to 115 GMP. Crews patrolling an area can douse hot spots or provide support for helicopter or fueling operations.

By pretreating and protecting transmission lines, utility companies can save millions of dollars in repair/replacement costs while minimizing downtime to customers. The RFW-PodⓇ is a fraction of the cost of dedicated apparatus and can be used with a company's existing fleet of trucks without modifying the vehicles. Because the unit's wheels are off the ground while attached to the vehicle, it is off-road capable and can be used in both urban and remote locations.



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Runner [PR-RUN] and all of the equipment shown for retardant, foam or water application.*

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
  • etc.

* Phos-Check® retardant and foam concentrate must be purchased separately.


  • The system is capable of using both Phos-Chek® retardant and Class A, B or AFFF foam.
  • Retardant can be mixed on demand with no waste, or bulk mixed in the pillow tank for large scale application.
  • Two sizes of pillow tanks are included and can be used on short or long bed trucks. The second tank can be used to shuttle water between vehicles or remain stored on the platform.
  • The included pump can be operated on or off the platform for retardant/foam/water application and for drafting water for the pillow tank.
  • The Runner's scissor-lift chassis enables one person to roll the entire RFW unit like a cart, then easily mount it on the back of a vehicle without lifting.
  • The system is designed for quick set up and easy cleanup. 

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 PodRunnerTM Chassis (Runner) [PR-RUN] Wheels Up Wheels Up
 Length  59 1/2"  73 1/2"
 Width  31"  31"
 Height (frame only)  21 3/4"  10 1/2"
 Height (including handle)  43 1/2"  38 1/2"
 Weight - 100lbs
 Load Capacity (class 3 hitch) - 400lbs
 Load Capacity (class 4 hitch) - 500lbs



  • The PodRunnerⓇ Hitch Adapter works with any 2” class 3/4 trailer hitch with no vehicle modifications.*
  • The sturdy scissor lift design of the Runner enables you to easily raise and lower your Cargo-PodⓇ on and off your vehicle, or adjust the working height.
  • Once mounted on the vehicle, the tires lift up off the ground and can rotate above the frame for substantial road clearance.
  • Steering handle includes comfortable, ergonomic grips and hydraulic braking system for precision control on steep terrain.
  • Standard 4 pin trailer connection powers running lights, turn signals and license plate illumination.
  • The fully adjustable hitch adapter and Pitch-LokⓇ loading system ensures a smooth and balanced ride when mounted on your vehicle.

Chassis Construction Material:

  • American made 6061-T6 Aluminum and 1144 Steel


  • Mirrored Dual Piston Tektro hydraulic disk brakes with Parking Lock


  • Super bright LED stop, turn and running lights. Also side view yellow clearance lights.

podrunner-hitch-adapterConstruction Material:

  • American made AR400 Steel and Grade 8 Bolts


  • Redundant pins, bolts and cables at critical junctions

Vehicle Clearance

  • From rear of vehicle to Mounting Box: 3' min
  • Base of vehicle's hitch tube to ground: 15" min

* rear mounted spare tires may exceed the minimum clearance.

Total Length 19"
Total Width 7"
Total Height 18 1/4
Weight 35 lbs

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Rescue 42 limited warranty covers the Cargo-PodTm and Runner for one year against manufacturers defect.

Utility Companies:

  • Pretreatment of transmission poles and out buildings with fire retardant
  • Spot fire / hot spot supression with foam or water after a wildfire