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Star-Runnertm: Portable Satellite Antenna

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Internet Connection: Anywhere - Anytime 

The Star-Runner™ provides internet and cellular connectivity virtually anywhere - from urban roof tops to remote mountain tops, and is more versatile, cost effective and faster than COWS, COLTS or Fly-away kits.

The Star-Runner™ delivers an auto-acquiring portable satellite antenna with Ka-band speeds and cost effective data plans to virtually any location quickly, efficiently and reliably. It rolls like a cart, then easily elevates itself and attaches to any vehicle with a 2" trailer hitch where it rides, wheels up, like a cargo carrier.

Its rugged design and NEMA 4 rated enclosure ensures reliable functionality on remote deployments, while its compact size allows it to be taken into buildings and on elevators for urban applications. 

  • Lower capital investment and maintenance costs 
  • Compact Storage - closet, garage or apparatus bay
  • Faster connections - up to 18 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up 
  • More data capacity and simultaneous users

Star-Runner is THE solution for:


...and THE alternate pathway for:

  • Business continuity

  • Remote site connectivity

  • Alternate IP path requirements

  • Assured connectivity for disaster response & recover (including FirstNet)

  • Temporary internet surge capacity (sporting events, concerts, etc)


  • Cellular calls/text over Wi-Fi

  • Wireless devices

  • Ethernet devices

  • Voice and Radio over IP (VoIP/RoIP)

  • Small Cell Sites

  • Restoration of workplace internet


Take Your Star-Runner Anywhere!

Star-Runner™ mounts itself to any standard 2", class 3 trailer hitch, and because the wheels are off the ground during transport, it does not have the registration costs and road restrictions of a trailer. There are no special driver qualifications or modifications to the vehicle.

One person can easily move hundreds of pounds of equipment from storage to deployment without lifting or straining, thereby reducing the potential for injury.

The combination of faster data speeds and unrivaled portability makes the Star-Runner™ an operational game changer.

Whether you need portable satellites, portable satellite systems, or mobile incident command centers, The Pod Runner is the go-to resource. A satellite antenna or a mobile command center for sale would definitely work miracle in your project due to its portability and user-friendliness.

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Star-Runner™ Features:

  • Satellite platform is ideal for small, Ka VSAT satellite dishes for communications and data.
  • All-in-one solution with a quick, intuitive setup.
  • Single button, smart antenna acquisition.
  • Satellite platform is removable for umbilical, roof-top operation. Frame stabilizer legs double as legs for the platform.
  • 16' Telescoping mast is compact for storage and adjustable for height.
  • Mast accommodates wi-fi, cellular or radio antennas.  
  • Secure, weather resistant component housing with 16U of rack mount space accommodates routers, radios, switches, satellite modems, repeaters, severs, etc.
  • This unit can be powered from the on-board generator (approx. 90 hour run time), shore power or battery. 
  • All PodRunner® units are narrow enough to go through doorways and will fit on most ADA compliant elevators and escalators allowing the units to be used/stored both indoors and out.
  • Fits on any 2" trailer hitch without making modifications to the vehicle.
  • Scissor lift chassis enables one person to transport and operate the unit without needing to lift anything.


 PodRunner® Chassis (Runner) [PR-RUN] Wheels Up Wheels Up
 Length  59 1/2"  73 1/2"
 Width  31"  31"
 Height (frame only)  21 3/4"  10 1/2"
 Height (including handle)  43 1/2"  38 1/2"
 Weight - 100lbs
 Load Capacity (class 3 hitch) - 400lbs
 Load Capacity (class 4 hitch) - 500lbs



  • The PodRunner® Hitch Adapter works with any 2” class 3/4 trailer hitch with no vehicle modifications.*
  • The sturdy scissor lift design of the Runner enables you to easily raise and lower your unit on and off your vehicle, or adjust the working height.
  • Once mounted on the vehicle, the tires lift up off the ground and can rotate above the frame for substantial road clearance.
  • Steering handle includes comfortable, ergonomic grips and hydraulic braking system for precision control on steep terrain.
  • Standard 4 pin trailer connection powers running lights, turn signals and license plate illumination.
  • The fully adjustable hitch adapter and Pitch-LokⓇ loading system ensures a smooth and balanced ride when mounted on your vehicle.

Chassis Construction Material:

  • American made 6061-T6 Aluminum and 1144 Steel


  • Mirrored Dual Piston Tektro hydraulic disk brakes with Parking Lock


  • Super bright LED stop, turn and running lights. Also side view yellow clearance lights.

podrunner-hitch-adapterConstruction Material:

  • American made AR400 Steel and Grade 8 Bolts


  • Redundant pins, bolts and cables at critical junctions

Vehicle Clearance

  • From rear of vehicle to Mounting Box: 3' min
  • Base of vehicle's hitch tube to ground: 15" min

* rear mounted spare tires may exceed the minimum clearance.

Total Length 19"
Total Width 7"
Total Height 18 1/4
Weight 35 lbs

Powder Coating RD-PCC [Color] - Custom colors available
  White [WHT]      
Vinyl Graphics
Premium Vinyl Graphics (PR-GFX-B)




Rescue 42 limited warranty covers the Star-Runner™ for one year against manufacturers defect.


  • Disaster/terrorism response - communication and data
  • Remote fire operations - radio, repeater, cell communications

Law Enforcement

  • Disaster/terrorism response - communication and data

Business Continuity

  • Keeps urban phone and data online when traditional systems are down
  • Provides connectivity for remote field operations
  • Provides dedicated pipeline during crowd surge events