SatRunner Working Overtime During Wildfire Season

One of our SatRunner builds has been in active use right in the middle of one of California’s major wildfires.  In a recent article published by the Chico Enterprise Record about the SatRunner and it’s application during the wildfires, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea stated, “My desire is always to be able to have communications … Read more

Columbia County—early adopter of portable comm units

  By Julie Thompson at The Chronicle Online   Columbia County’s Emergency Operations Center has added enhanced capabilities to its operations with the purchase of three portable communications units. Columbia County is the first jurisdiction in the state of Oregon to employ such devices. Dubbed “PodRunners” by the manufacturer, the small but powerful equipment is … Read more

Dynamic and Deployable: What First Responders Need

There was a time when first responders did not have mobile incident command centers — at least nothing like what’s available today. In many cases it was just maps spread out on the hood of a squad car. That said, there are few people (if any) who would question the need for these advanced systems … Read more

4 Ways a Command Center Increases Readiness

    While the response to an emergency situation can be coordinated from a distance to some extent, it stands to reason that managing an incident as close to its front line as possible will be far more effective. Any organization that has a portable command center can confirm that for you. When it comes … Read more

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