Public Safety

Quick Response Platform for In-Field Command and Communications

Emergency responders need to rapidly provide professional incident command and tactical dispatchers on-site, at the incident. The PodRunner® platform enables quick response and extends the range of most departments.

Mobilize Command Onsite Anytime & Anywhere

Our all-in-one solution provides self-contained power, a professional work environment, and robust technology designed to meet the various service requirements of Police, Fire, EOC, OES and campus police departments

Low Cost Portability + Mission-Critical Capabilities

PodRunner® portable platforms give first responders essential information and communication capabilities:

  • On-site tactical dispatch
  • Incident command
  • Cellular Connections
  • Dependable, remote, high-speed access to the internet for voice and data
  • Interoperability
  • Surveillance workstations
  • Location-based tracking systems
  • CAD platforms
  • Accountability and access control
  • Broadcast TV and Radio monitoring

A Solution for Every Size Department

Big departments need to fill gaps in coverage where large command units can’t operate. Smaller departments need versatility at a low cost so they can respond to multiple incident scenarios with one asset. Local emergency response organizations need a shared asset that can be harnessed by all members. We provide:

  • Mobile Command Center for sale
  • Portable Satellite Antenna
  • Portable Satellite Systems
  • and much more!

Three PodRunner® Platforms:

Command-Runner CRD | Communications & Command

  • One Command-Runner CRD serves as a multi-faceted platform
  • Uniquely portable and inexpensive
  • Can serve as a primary platform in your EOC facility, plus deployed to any incident site as a tactical dispatch platform
  • Able to transit hallways, buildings, elevators, highways and off-road
  • Contains on-board power systems and 19” rackmounts for customization to suit your department needs
  • Can be equipped as an EOC console or ICP workstation

>>View Command-Runner CRD Details & Specs

Star-Runner CRD | High Speed Internet

  • Restore cellular connectivity
  • Internet anywhere, anytime and everytime
  • WiFi hot-spot & Ethernet
  • Assured alternate internet connectivity pathways
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Command-Runner™ for expanded capability

>>View Star-Runner CRD Details & Specs

Pump-Runner | High Volume Water Pumping

Pump-Runner can respond immediately to move large volumes of water, saving structures, assets and lives. It can serve rural settings as a quick deploy water source for firefighting. Its fast deployment ability and stand-alone operating capability allows the movement of water at high rates to safely avoid property loss, utility disruptions or swift evacuation of sub-surface flooding. From filling fire tankers to de-watering basements or utility vaults, Pump-Runner is ready to perform.

>>View Pump-Runner Details & Specs

Get Started

Give us a call with all your questions about PodRunner®, we are eager to discuss how to customize a solution for your specific needs: (888) 427-3728. Or send us a message and we’ll get back to you within one business day.