Mobile Command Center or Portable Satellite Needs?

Mobile Command Center or Portable Satellite Needs?

If there’s one thing that’s common to every mobile command center or portable satellite communication need it’s that nothing is standard to every mobile incident command center or portable satellite need! The situations that call for Command-Runner™ and Star-Runner™ systems are all as unique as the agencies, organizations, and departments that need them.

So how should a company like ours decide what belongs in a system? The answer is we shouldn’t. The Command-Runner™ and Star-Runner™ are “technology unbiased” or as some would say “technology agnostic.” While we’re happy to provide our customers with suggestions for what should be included in their system, we can — and frequently do — configure the boxes entirely to the organization’s specifications. The last thing we want is for someone who needs equipment mobility to feel handcuffed by their technology or forced to find a work-around for some component that’s critical to what they’re trying to accomplish and isn’t included in a standard system.

Customized Builds for Any Requirement

To get a sense for how our customers have worked with us to meet their emergency operations center or internet access requirements, all you have to do is scroll through some samples of our builds and you’ll see the tremendous flexibility of the Command-Runner™ and Star-Runner™ designs. For example:

Cedars-Sinai Medical. This world-renowned medical center needed a mobile command and control pod for when they have to relocate their primary emergency operations center or set-up an off-site security center. We worked with them to design a complete, turn-key unit that includes a variety of monitors, radios, servers, laptops, speakers, antennas and a fully-integrated power system. This Command-Runner™ has given Cedars-Sinai the flexibility they requested to move their command and security center anywhere needed, with a fully-functional system “off the grid.”

Salamander Technologies. As the manufacturer and distributor of accountability software and rapid tag printing in the public safety sector, Salamander needed a mobile command center with features that include multiple drawers with power supplies for laptop and tablet storage and charging, 27" monitors mounted in the lid to view GPS and tracking data, an on-board printer and scanner, a secure locking cabinet for valuables or firearms, slide-out shelving for their tag printers, and a full on-board power supply to allow usability in both training exercises and in-field operations.

Columbia County, OR Emergency Management. This Emergency Management Department in Northern Oregon received a grant for the purchase of three complete radio systems, and needed a flexible and highly-portable platform to run communications and command. The Command-Runner™ was an affordable, yet mobile option for their back-up Emergency Operations Center that they were searching for. We installed their “wish list” of antennas, radios, power strips, a tower mast, lighting and the fully-integrated power system. We applied custom graphics to all three identical mobile command centers.

And these are just a few of the many customized systems we’ve delivered.

A Solution for Your Unique Scenarios

What are the ideal components for your mobile command center or portable satellite setup? If you can develop a list, we can work with you to outfit your Pod. Give us a call today at (888) 427-3728 or email to discuss your objectives and a custom system that will help you meet them cost-effectively.

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