Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Watch videos for PodRunner® tips, tricks and how-tos. Please refer to your PodRunner® Owner’s Manual for additional information.


Providing Internet/Backhaul to a Building

In addition to providing connectivity at emergency incidents, planned training exercises, and large-scale events, the CRD for FirstNet® can restore internet connectivity to a building in the event of an unplanned-outage such as cyber-attacks, fiber cuts, or any other infrastructure down time.

Click here for more information on the CRD for FirstNet®.

Unloading/Loading to/from a Pallet

Your PodRunner® is shipped on its lower frame for safety and stability. This video will show you how to best remove it from the pallet and get it on its wheels.

Please see full instruction manual for warnings and additional instructions.

SatRunner Unloading Tutorial

CommandRunner Unloading Tutorial

Vehicle Hitch Adapter Adjustments

Your PodRunner® Hitch Adapter is adjustable to accommodate the differences in vehicles and weight distribution in your unit. This video will show you how to adjust for height, pitch and roll.

Please download the PodRunner® Owners Manual for detailed adjustment information.


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