Product Overviews

Watch videos of the different PodRunner® models to see which might best serve your organization.

PodRunner® — How it Works

This 90-second video explains the unique mobility of this deployable form factor.

Please see full instruction manual for warnings and additional instructions.

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Command-Runner CRD

A perfect platform for mobilizing technologies used in field deployments and incident command.

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Star-Runner CRD

Provides high speed internet connections virtually anywhere, can be deployed in minutes and provides voice, data and cellular connections for over up to 150 users.

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Enables first responders to draft from hard to access water sources filling engines, water tenders or tankers in minutes. Running unmanned it establishes temporary pressurized street-side hydrants using water sources like pools, ponds and streams. It also dewaters flooded buildings, structures, underground utility vaults, as well as the dry-side of sandbagged water barriers.

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