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    SatRunner for Wi-Fi

    SatRunner for Wi-Fi

    SatRunner for Wi-Fi

    The SatRunner™ is the critical piece supporting your organization's emergency communication and disaster response plan. It provides fast and reliable high-speed Internet. It establishes a local area voice and data network supporting Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, VoIP, RoIP, CBRS/PLTE, and many IP devices. The SatRunner Wi-Fi can be field-upgraded to a Cell-On-Wheels (COW).

    How SatRunner™ Works for Business Continuity and Emergency Response:

      • Supports Field Hospitals & Remote Medical Deployments
      • Cloud Access. Anytime. Anywhere.
      • Internet & Wi-Fi Hotspot
      • Enables Cellular Devices & VoIP Phones
      • Delivers Emergency & Backup Network 
      • Supports Remote Business Operations 
      • Dedicated & Secure Network
      • Emergency Network During Disasters

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    Base Price: $59,275


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    SatRunner™ is manufactured by Rescue 42, Inc., a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
    Call us for a shipping quote: 888-427-3728

    This Model Includes:

    SatRunner Wi-Fi CAD Drawing

    • Rapidly Deploys at Initial Dispatch
    • Multiple Satellite Backhaul Pathways
    • High Speed Internet Access Anywhere at Anytime
    • Enables Cell & VoIP Phone Use, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, PoS Use 
    • Auto Fail-Over and Restore Features
    • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
    • Unmatched Operational Duty Range
    • Fits Through Most Standard Size Doors
    • Transports by Land (Manually Pulled and Vehicle), Air (Helicopter Sling/Fixed Wing Pallet) and Sea
    • Uses Existing Fleet Vehicles - No Incremental Costs
    • Self-Contained Power with up to 60 Hours of Independent Run-Time
    • Operates in any Climate Zone or Altitude
    • Operationally Intuitive
    • No Storage Costs
    • Easy to Add/Change/Delete On-Board Systems
    • Made in the USA of Superior Materials
    Mission Critical:
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)
    • Remote Communications for Fire, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Utilities, Transportation and Public Safety
    • Medical Triage Communication
    • Voice and Data Communication
    • Short, Medium and Long Duration Incident Coverage
    • Network Disaster Recovery (NDR)
    • Contingency Backup to Assure Normal Communications if Terrestrial Systems Fail
    • Extended Safe Operations into Radio (LMR) and Cellular (LTE/4G) Dead Zones
    • Restore Communications within Existing Coverage Zones with Temporary Outages
    • Provide Private Network Surge Capacity at Large Events that Paralyze Functioning Terrestrial Infrastructure
    • Supply Voice and Data Connections for up to 150 Simultaneous Users

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