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The Pump-Runner™ is a mobile, high-volume platform contains everything needed to set up a 300 GMP drafting or dewatering operation. One person can easily deliver, set-up, and leave the system primed and running.

The Pump-Runner™ easily mounts on the back of any vehicle with a 2" trailer hitch, where it rides wheels up, like a cargo carrier.

Once the Pump-Runner™ has been delivered to a water source, set-up takes about 10 minutes and requires no specialty tooling. Sections of hard suction hose and a strainer are connected to the pump with quick connect cam locks and put into the water.

200' of 3" discharge hose with a ball valve and fire department hose fitting is then rolled out to the street. A special bypass valve on the pump allows it to run continuously without overheating.


Hydrant-Pod™ PodRunner®

Hydrant-pod™ Podrunner®

pump-runner-iconfire  Neighborhood Structure Protection

The Pump-Runner™ can be positioned next to a backyard swimming pool (pond, creek, or canal) with discharge lines out to the street to quickly fill passing Engines or Water Tenders/Tankers.

  • A quick and portable water source in wildland urban interface communities or neighborhoods.
  • A great investment for Fire Departments or Home Owner's Associations.
  • The Pump-Runner™ can be delivered, set up and left running at a water source, freeing valuable apparatus to fight fire rather than dedicated to pumping operations.
  • Please note: pump is removable. Do not run Pump-runner in-doors.


 pump-runner-iconflood  Dewatering Flooded Areas

Because the Pump-Runner™ is narrow enough to go through doorways, it can be rolled indoors for pumping out flooded basements and underground utility vaults.

  • A highly efficient and easily deployable pumping system for use in homes, businesses, hospitals, and campuses
  • Perfect for utility companies to dewater low lying areas and underground vaults prior to restoring community services.
  • No specialty tooling, the entire system uses quick connect camlocks for fast set up and break down. 
  • Please note: pump is removable. Do not run Pump-runner in-doors.



Runner, platform and all equipment required for high volume pumping operations.*

  • (4) 5′ sections of 3″ hard suction hose
  • (4) 50′ Goodyear 3″ low pressure discharge hoses
  • (1) 3″ ball valve with a 21/2 male fire hose connector
  • (2) adjustable pump mounting channels with retention pins
  • (1) suction strainer
  • (1) 1 gallon gas can
  • (3) spare camlock gaskets.
  • (1) Honda (WT30) 300 GPM General Purpose Pump

All PodRunner® models are narrow enough to go though doorways and onto elevators and fit on any standard 2” trailer hitch without modifying the vehicle. The solid “never flat” tires and rugged running gear allow the PodRunner® to traverse uneven terrain and will hold up to the rigors of field work. Because of the unique crank operated, scissor lift design, one person can easily mount the PodRunner® on a vehicle without any lifting.

Call us for more information and to talk about your mobile water support needs: (888) 427-3728

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The Pump-Runner™ has a built-in storage box for extra gaskets and general tools.   All compartments are connected with 3" nylon camlock connectors for easy setup and break down. Storage compartments allow for drainage and ventilation   Comes with all the components needed to quickly set up a high flow pumping operation for drafting or de-watering. 

Hydrant Pod



Platform Length 60 1/2"
Platform Width 26 1/2"
Platform Height 18"
Weight of Chassis + Platform 240lbs
A: Hard Suction Storage 59 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 18"
B: Pump Storage 26" x 19 1/2"
C: Discharge Hose Storage 6 1/2" x 15" x 15" (x4)
D: Gas Tank Storage 8" x 7 1/2" x 7"
E: Strainer Storage 7 3/4" x 7 3/4" x 7"
F: Ball Valve Storage 7 3/4" x 15" x 9"
G: Tool Box 26" x 4" x 8 1/2"


Included Components:

All components connected with a 3" nylon camlock connectors

  • (4) 5' sections of 3" hard suction hose
  • (4) 50' Goodyear 3" low pressure discharge hoses
  • (1) 3" ball valve with a 2 1/2 male fire hose connector
  • (1) Suction strainer
  • (1) 1 gallon gas can
  • (2) Adjustable pump mounting channels with pins
  • (3) Spare camlock gaskets
  • (1) Runner (Chassis)
  • (1) Hitch Adapter
  • (1) WT30 Honda Trash Pump (300 GPM)

Platform Construction Material: Powder coated steel

Chassis Construction Material: 6061-T6 Aluminuim

Brakes: Mirrored Dual Piston Tektro hydraulic disk brakes with Parking Lock

Lights: Super bright LED stop, turn and running lights. Also side view yellow clearance lights.

Runner Specifications


PodRunner® Chassis (Runner) [PR-RUN] Wheels Up Wheels Up
Length 59 1/2" 73 1/2"
Width 31" 31"
Height (frame only) 21 3/4" 10 1/2"
Height (including handle) 43 1/2" 38 1/2"
Weight - 100lbs
Load Capacity (class 3 hitch) - 400lbs
Load Capacity (class 4 hitch) - 500lbs



  • The PodRunner® Hitch Adapter works with any 2” class 3/4 trailer hitch with no vehicle modifications.*
  • The sturdy scissor lift design of the Runner enables you to easily raise and lower your Workstation-RunnerⓇ on and off your vehicle, or adjust the working height.
  • Once mounted on the vehicle, the tires lift up off the ground and can rotate above the frame for substantial road clearance.
  • Steering handle includes comfortable, ergonomic grips and hydraulic braking system for precision control on steep terrain.
  • Standard 4 pin trailer connection powers running lights, turn signals and license plate illumination.
  • The fully adjustable hitch adapter and Pitch-LokⓇ loading system ensures a smooth and balanced ride when mounted on your vehicle.

Chassis Construction Material:

  • American made 6061-T6 Aluminum and 1144 Steel


  • Mirrored Dual Piston Tektro hydraulic disk brakes with Parking Lock


  • Super bright LED stop, turn and running lights. Also side view yellow clearance lights.

Vehicle Clearances:

  • Rear of vehicle to Mounting Box: 3" Min
  • Base of vehicle hitch tube to ground: 15" Min
Hitch Adapter Specifications

podrunner-hitch-adapterConstruction Material:

  • American made AR400 Steel and Grade 8 Bolts


  • Redundant pins, bolts and cables at critical junctions

Vehicle Clearance

  • From rear of vehicle to Mounting Box: 3' min
  • Base of vehicle's hitch tube to ground: 15" min

* rear mounted spare tires may exceed the minimum clearance.

Total Length 19"
Total Width 7"
Total Height 18 1/4
Weight 35 lbs
Pod Options
Weather Resistant Cover (PR-HYA-COV)    
Covers the entire platform, includes attachment straps    


Options Available:

  • Weather-resistant Cover with Attachment Straps
  • Extra Hitch Adapter


Rescue 42 limited warranty covers the Pump-Runner™ and Chassis (Runner) for one year against manufacturers defect.

Industries Served


  • Drafting water from pools, ponds, creeks for fire fighting and structure protection
  • De-watering flooded residential and commercial buildings

Home Owners/Neighborhood Associations:

  • Establishing water sources for fire fighters during wildfire/natural disasters


  • Drafting water for fire or dust suppression
  • De-watering flooded buildings
  • Pumping underground utility vaults
  • Waste water management