Butte County Sheriff’s Office – SatRunner™


This SatRunner™ was purchased by the Butte County Sheriff's Office Communication Reserve, and is also used by the BSCO Search and Rescue team, as well as SWAT.

The Butte County Sheriff's Department has jurisdiction in Chico, CA, as well as the surrounding mountainous areas and canyons. This provides difficulty accessing reliable communications during rural incidents.

The SatRunner™ has already assisted in multiple scenarios providing access to voice and data in very remote terrains.

Thank you BCSO for your business! We love working with our local departments.

For pricing and specs on a similar build for your department, please contact info@thepodrunner.com.


The SatRunner™ can be deployed while on the hitch for quick access to voice & data. Because the unit rides wheels up, it can be driven on extremely rugged terrain and deployed anywhere the vehicle can access. The on-board generator and expansion gas tank allows up to 90 hours of continuous run-time off-the-grid.
The color coding and labeling we provide make for simple operations by untrained users. The colored cables all correspond with the labels on the front (left). The built-in compass helps ensure you are pointing the SatRunner™ in the correct direction to get the best access for the satellite connection.
Our built-in AC/Heater keeps the internal electronics in a temperature controlled environment, and automatically kicks on to heat or cool the internal air. The SatRunner™ can charge off of the vehicle, even while driving down the road. Clear labeling and color-coding of all bulkheads and ports to make the usability as simple as possible for all operators.



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