Cedars-Sinai Hospital

This Command-RunnerⓇ was designed for Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Cedars-Sinai needed a portable security, command and control center for when they need to relocate their primary emergency operations center. Having radios, large monitors, speakers, computers, and generator power in-the-field were all very important features. 

We designed Cedars-Sinai an all-in-one command center completely optimized for a back-up communications center. 


Command Board & Workstation - Lockable and weatherproof fold out desk-top with a clear, polycarbonate desk cover. Command board maps can slide under the clear cover, creating a convenient, waterproof location to map out important details.

Power Options - Shore (wall) power, generator and on board AGM battery. Power Control Module contains 400w inverter and DC battery conditioning controls. Two power outlet strips including (6) 120 VAC ports, (3) 12 volt DC ports, and (3) USB ports for charging various devices, such as cell phones, laptops and even a coffee pot.

Laptop Storage - 2 laptop storage drawers include an AC plug in the back of the drawer so the laptops charge while in storage. Pass-through grommet on the drawer face allows laptops to remain plugged in while in use. 

Video Monitoring – 2 27" flat panel monitors were mounted in the lid as well as 2 drop-down 19" monitors, providing ample room for local news streaming, security camera footage, running CAD software, as well as streaming important information to first responders and other personnel. 

Computer Components -- A printer/scanner was mounted on a slide-out shelf, allowing for in-field document scanning and map printing. This can also be swapped out for a card printer, allowing quick printing of badges, name tags, clearance badges, etc. 

Security – Lockable security compartment for personal items like phones, wallets, or firearms while on-scene

Lid Tie Downs – Adjustable tie down tracks and rings for storage and transport of a pop-up shelter and camp chairs.

Other Electronics -- Wireless router, 2U rack mount server (for controlling all monitors), wireless keyboard and mouse, AM/FM radios, panels and speakers, HDTV antenna and custom radio face-plates.

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