Los Angeles Fire Department



Los Angeles Fire Department purchased two Star-Runner CRD’s™ to assist with their emergency communications. During large scale disasters and planned events, the cell towers around Los Angeles can become bogged down, due to the urban, high-population environment. The Star-Runner’s™ allow LAFD to establish a high-speed satellite connection anytime and anywhere during an emergency. 

Their new pair of Star-Runner CRD’s™ work in tandem with the existing mobile command center by providing a backup communication option.

Thank you LAFD for your purchase! 

For pricing and specs on a similar design for your agency, please contact info@thepodrunner.com.


The Star-Runners™ sitting in front of LAFD’s Incident Command Post. Pod 1 and Pod 2 ready for delivery! In addition to all of the electronics on board, there are lots of locking drawers for highly secure storage during an incident.
The Star-Runner CRD’s™ come with an on-board AC/Heater to control the internal temperature.    



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