Northhampton Fire & Rescue


This Command-Runner CRD™ was designed and purchased by Northampton Fire & Rescue in Massachusetts. It was funded by a grant from the US Department of Homeland Security. This PodRunner serves as a back-up communication system for their local fire department, and allows them to communicate between agencies completely off-the-grid.

Thank you Northampton for your business!

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Custom blue, reflective chevron vinyl was requested by Northampton, to match existing vehicles in their fleet.  Northampton Fire & Rescue funded their Command-Runner CRD™ with a grant from the US Dept. of Homeland Security. This build included 5 radios specified by the customer which we installed and tested prior to shipment.
Northampton chose one 27" monitor lid-mounted and a magnetic, removable white board. Other features include a server, interoperability system, printer/scanner, laptop charging drawers, fire extinguisher and re-chargeable flashlight. Northampton worked closely with WRHSAC for this purchase. 


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