Sound Transit



SoundTransit: Cargo-Pods™

This fleet of five Cargo-Pods™ was purchased by SoundTransit, in Seattle, Washington. SoundTransit plans, builds and operates express buses, light rails, and commuter train services for the central Puget Sound Region so that people can get to where they're going, safely and economically.

Because safety is such a top priority, they needed highly portable, secure pods, to transport medical and emergency supplies through the tunnels in the light rail system. These Cargo-Pods™ will be stationed throughout the tunnel system in downtown Seattle. They feature bright, red powder-coating, custom, multi-color and reflective vinyl graphics, and a secure, weather-proof enclosure, all on our patented PodRunner® system. 

Cargo-Pods™ are available in quantities of 5+. 

Thank you SoundTransit for your business!  


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