West Valley City Incident Command Console

This PodRunner® Workstation with Generator Compartment was purchased through a State grant to serve as an inter-agency Incident Command System. Styled after the ‘MABAS Box’ this unit contains all of the essential elements to run an incident independent of the delivery vehicle. The unit’s narrow design allows it to roll through doorways so it can be set up and operated inside, outside or even from a rooftop.


Workstation - Lockable and weatherproof fold out desk unit with externally accessible generator compartment.

Power Options - Shore (wall) power, generator and on board AGM battery. Power Control Module (PCM) contains 400w inverter and DC battery conditioning controls. Multiple power outlets including 120 VAC, 12 volt DC and USB for powering/charging various devices. Integrated RIGrunner.

Communication Systems - The PCM is prewired for easy installation of communications equipment by local integrators.

Generator Compartment – Lockable compartment holds a Yamaha 2000w generator vented to the exterior of the box.

Lid Tie Downs – Adjustable tie down tracks and rings for storage and transport of a pop-up shelter and camp chairs.

Command Board - A clear 52"x14" polycarbonate command board cover is installed over the desk surface.

Accessories - A full size filing cabinet, laptop charging drawer, shelves and drawers for organization, slide out platform for the printer/scanner, (2) T-Card arms, white board and simple ‘Incident Management’ graphics package.

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