Owner’s Manuals & Instructions

View and download the PodRunner® Owner's Manual, Documentation and Product Sheets by clicking on the items below:

Instructional Videos

Watch videos for PodRunner® tips, tricks and how-tos. Please refer to your PodRunner® Owner's Manual for additional information.

Unloading/Loading to/from a Pallet

Your PodRunner® is shipped on its lower frame for safety and stability. This video will show you how to best remove it from the pallet and get it on its wheels.

Technical Resources

In response to the occasional need for outside expertise with radio or network systems, including router advanced configuration and security settings, below we provide a list of contacts available on a paid fee basis directly arranged by and between you and the provider. At your option this can assist you with advice, or in rare cases on-site technical service needs. In every case having a confirmed and active Ethernet connection available to plug in the PodRunner® will be a prerequisite for any type of remote or on-site help. After you can assure and have tested your connection to the internet (using another device besides the PodRunner®) we recommend you contact one of the providers below, or find a local equivalent to help you with implementation needs.

Cradlepoint Support

Expedition Communications


PodRunner Assistance

For support needs call us:
M–F (excluding national holidays)
8am to 5pm Pacific Time
(888) 427-3728 — ask for PodRunner® support

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