Star-Runner CRD:
Portable Satellite Antenna

A Compact Rapid Deployable for High Speed Internet Connections Anywhere

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  • Deploys at initial dispatch
  • Multiple terrestrial and satellite backhaul pathways
  • High speed internet access anywhere at anytime
  • Cellular, FirstNet™ Band-14, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Microwave and POTS connections
  • Auto fail-over and restore features
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Unmatched operational duty range
  • ADA door width compliant
  • Transports by land (manually pulled and vehicle), air (helicopter sling/fixed wing pallet) and sea
  • Uses existing fleet vehicles - no incremental costs
  • Self-contained power with up to 96 hours of independent runtime
  • Operates in any climate zone or altitude
  • Operationally intuitive
  • No storage costs
  • Customizable for your specific needs
  • Easy to add/change/delete on-board systems
  • Made in the USA of superior materials

Mission Critical Capabilities
  • Remote communications for Fire, Law Enforcement,Emergency Management, Utilities, Transportation and Public Safety
  • Medical triage voice and data communication
  • Short, medium and long duration incident coverage
  • National Disaster Recovery (NDR)
  • Contingency backup to assure normal communications if terrestrial systems fail
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)
  • Extended safe operations into radio (LMR) and cellular (LTE/4G) dead zones
  • Restore communications within existing coverage zones with temporary outages
  • Provide private network surge capacity at large events that paralyze functioning terrestrial infrastructure
  • Supply voice and data connections for up to 150 simultaneous users

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Pod Specifications

Star-Runner™ Features:

  • Satellite platform is ideal for small, Ka VSAT satellite dishes for communications and data.
  • All-in-one solution with a quick, intuitive setup.
  • Single button, smart antenna acquisition.
  • Satellite platform is removable for umbilical, roof-top operation. Frame stabilizer legs double as legs for the platform.
  • 16' Telescoping mast is compact for storage and adjustable for height.
  • Mast accommodates wi-fi, cellular or radio antennas.  
  • Secure, weather resistant component housing with 16U of rack mount space accommodates routers, radios, switches, satellite modems, repeaters, severs, etc.
  • This unit can be powered from the on-board generator (approx. 90 hour run time), shore power or battery. 
  • All PodRunner® units are narrow enough to go through doorways and will fit on most ADA compliant elevators and escalators allowing the units to be used/stored both indoors and out.
  • Fits on any 2" trailer hitch without making modifications to the vehicle.
  • Scissor lift chassis enables one person to transport and operate the unit without needing to lift anything.
Runner Specifications


 PodRunner® Chassis (Runner) [PR-RUN] Wheels Up Wheels Up
 Length  59 1/2"  73 1/2"
 Width  31"  31"
 Height (frame only)  21 3/4"  10 1/2"
 Height (including handle)  43 1/2"  38 1/2"
 Weight - 100lbs
 Load Capacity (class 3 hitch) - 400lbs
 Load Capacity (class 4 hitch) - 500lbs



  • The PodRunner® Hitch Adapter works with any 2” class 3/4 trailer hitch with no vehicle modifications.*
  • The sturdy scissor lift design of the Runner enables you to easily raise and lower your unit on and off your vehicle, or adjust the working height.
  • Once mounted on the vehicle, the tires lift up off the ground and can rotate above the frame for substantial road clearance.
  • Steering handle includes comfortable, ergonomic grips and hydraulic braking system for precision control on steep terrain.
  • Standard 4 pin trailer connection powers running lights, turn signals and license plate illumination.
  • The fully adjustable hitch adapter and Pitch-LokⓇ loading system ensures a smooth and balanced ride when mounted on your vehicle.

Chassis Construction Material:

  • American made 6061-T6 Aluminum and 1144 Steel


  • Mirrored Dual Piston Tektro hydraulic disk brakes with Parking Lock


  • Super bright LED stop, turn and running lights. Also side view yellow clearance lights.
Hitch Adapter Specifications

podrunner-hitch-adapterConstruction Material:

  • American made AR400 Steel and Grade 8 Bolts


  • Redundant pins, bolts and cables at critical junctions

Vehicle Clearance

  • From rear of vehicle to Mounting Box: 3' min
  • Base of vehicle's hitch tube to ground: 15" min

* rear mounted spare tires may exceed the minimum clearance.

Total Length 19"
Total Width 7"
Total Height 18 1/4
Weight 35 lbs
Pod Options

Powder Coating RD-PCC [Color] - Custom colors available
  White [WHT]      
Vinyl Graphics
Premium Vinyl Graphics (PR-GFX-B)





Rescue 42 limited warranty covers the Star-Runner™ for one year against manufacturers defect.

Industries Served


  • Disaster/terrorism response - communication and data
  • Remote fire operations - radio, repeater, cell communications

Law Enforcement

  • Disaster/terrorism response - communication and data

Business Continuity

  • Keeps urban phone and data online when traditional systems are down
  • Provides connectivity for remote field operations
  • Provides dedicated pipeline during crowd surge events