The SatRunner™: Business Continuity for Power & Internet Outages

The SatRunner™: Business Continuity for Power & Internet Outages

In October 2019, Pacific Gas and Electric implemented its first large-scale preventative measure against wildfires, leading to the  shut down  of power throughout California. It was estimated that around 2.5 million people were without power for several days. It was an historic event.  

For many businesses affected by the power outage, the only option was to close for the duration of the shut off. No power often means no Internet. It was a stark reminder of just how dependent businesses are on technology. An outage like the one experienced in California left many companies vulnerable to a major interruption of daily operations. Businesses faced a potential loss of thousands (potentially millions) of dollars due to the PG&E power outage.

Imagine you have suffered a complete loss of power. No electricity. No Internet. How does it affect your company? How does it affect your daily operations? Can you still do business?  

Most importantly, how much does this interruption downtime  cost  your company? 

The SatRunner is the solution. When the power and/or Internet goes out—no matter the reason—we get you and your Team connected again. The SatRunner™ is a full-feature, mobile communications system providing Internet and power. Anytime. Anywhere. 

With its Honda 2200 Watt Generator, electricity can be sourced directly from the SatRunner to restore power to your office router, Wi-Fi and other necessities requiring electrical output.  Our cellular and satellite Internet systems provide high speed Internet to your business. Our all-in-one system is your complete solution to business continuity when power outages and network disruption occurs.    

Perhaps you believe your company is sufficiently covered. You have cloud-based databases and you use a VoIP phone system.   Yet, none of these factors will matter if you don’t have power or Internet.    It’s been estimated through industry surveys that Internet downtime and outages can cost businesses $8,000 to $75,000 or more per hour.       

Temporary loss of Internet connectivity means disruptions in business efficiency, employee productivity and loss of revenue opportunity.  Not to mention the value of your company’s reputation, customer loyalty, human resources, payment processing, and other aspects of business operations that rely on Internet. 

Internet outages? Network disruptions? Cyber-attack on your ISP? Relocation of your workforce? Not a problem! The SatRunner™ gets you connected to the Internet via Satellite in no time!  You’re back up and running to access the cloud, connect your VoIP phones, use your email, enable Cell Phones via Wi-Fi Calling, continue payment processing, enable Cash Register and Credit Card machine use, etc.   

Its  unique design allows for effortless storage and mobility. Easily delivered by a single person without lifting, the SatRunner can be stored indoors and can roll through standard doorways. The SatRunner™ is easily transported on the back of any vehicle with a trailer hitch, making remote network operations for special events, remote facility support, or temporary business relocation seamless.  The SatRunner is automated and requires very little training to operate. It provides multiple pathways to support a Wi-Fi Hotspot (which provides normal cell phone use via Wi-Fi calling) and Ethernet, which can be plugged into your building’s router to restore your company's normal Internet. 

What makes the SatRunner™ even more exceptional is its affordability. With a list price of just $49,995 and free shipping, this critical Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery tool just costs about what a car would cost, and is priced right for any business’ BC/DR budget.   

It is well known that most businesses fail to adequately plan for a disruptive event such as a power or Internet outage.    Even businesses having a BC/DR plan often don’t recognize the catastrophic impact associated with loss of Internet service. This doesn’t have to be you! With the SatRunner™, your business  can continue day-to-day and displaced, remote operations despite a loss of Internet and power.

Or you can simply take the Internet with you to support operations or customers wherever it’s needed!  For more information and a quote, visit our website at, email our National Sales Team at, or call (888) 427-3728. 

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