Wi-Fi Calling for First Responders: The Critical New Communications Tool You Need To Use (Hint: You Probably Already Have It!)


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Communication is one of the major challenges First Responders face when responding to an emergency. 

While radios are the standard, today's First Responders also depend heavily on their cell phones to handle many communication needs. The cell phone has become a critical component of Emergency Managementwhich is why FirstNet® was established. Unfortunately, whether on routine call or at major disastercell phones are often useless due to lack of cellular coverage or damagecell towers. However, with the new Wi-Fi Calling capabilityFirst Responders can now use their cell phones even when there are no cellular networks available. We have found that most First Responders are not yet familiar with this critical new tool! 


What exactly is “Wi-Fi Calling”?
And why is it such a major benefit to First Responders?


Wi-Fi Calling is a somewhat new cell phone feature that is now supported by all major carriers including FirstNet®It is a free service that simply needs to be activated by the user on their modern cell phoneWith Wi-Fi Calling, you can use your smartphone to make and receive phone calls, texts and email via a Wi-Fi connection rather than using a traditional cellular network such as VerizonAT&T® or FirstNet®Wi-Fi is a “common language”, meaning that the same Wi-Fi signal will enable Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and FirstNet® phones. It is a “native” feature of your phone, which means that it’s not necessary to have a separate app to use this function. Simply activate Wi-Fi Calling on your phone, tap into any Wi-Fi connection, and users can make and receive phone calls, texts, email and see web pages even if surrounding cell towers are no longer functioning. Wi-Fi also provides internet connection to your tablets and laptop computers.

Wi-Fi is typically not available at an emergency sceneBut it’s easy to provide your own even if all other communications options are unavailable or disabled. That's where the powerful Star-Runner CRD (Compact Rapid Deployable) comes into action! Among its many other capabilities, the Star-Runner CRD is a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot which can support Wi-Fi CallingUsing the power of high-speed geosynchronous satellites, the Star-Runner CRD provides reliable Wi-Fi to enable cell phone, tablet and laptop use anywhere, anytime.


"The Star-Runner CRD™ provides reliable Wi-Fi to enable cell phone, tablet and laptop use anywhere, anytime."


Emergency Managers know that reliable communications are the foundation for running a successful operation. Modern First Responders rely on the critical communications capabilities of their cell phones. With the Star-Runner CRD™ and Wi-Fi Calling, cell phone communication can continue even after cell towers go down or are not available. To find out how the advanced Star-Runner CRD™provides this critical connectivity, please contact us at (888) 427-3728, visit our website www.thepodrunner.com, or send an email to info@thepodrunner.com


Click to download article as a printable PDF.