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Command-Runner CRD

Quick Response Mobile Systems for Command, Communications and In-Field Technology-Based Applications

  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Deploys at initial dispatch
  • Unmatched operational duty range
  • Operates outdoors or indoors
  • Transport by land, air (helicopter sling/fixed wing pallet) and sea
  • Self-contained power
  • Uses existing fleet vehicles—no incremental costs
  • Operates in any climate zone or altitude
  • Operationally intuitive
  • No storage costs
  • Additional 19“ Rackspace to add other needed on-board equipment
  • Easy to add/change/delete on-board systems
  • Made in the USA of superior materials
Mission Critical Capabilities
  • On-scene tactical dispatch
  • Alternate/Backup EOC console
  • Incident command post
  • All hazards IMT command post
  • Operations unit
  • Planning unit
  • Logistics unit
  • Communications/interop unit
  • Hazmat Command Posts
  • Finance and administration unit
  • FirstNet - Band 14 deployable
  • High speed internet access anywhere at anytime
  • Terrestrial and Satellite connections
  • Drone unit for Search and Rescue
  • Medical triage
  • ARES teams

Choose from Two Models:

A Fully-Appointed Incident Command Post

>> View/Download Command-Runner Spec Sheet

For off-site Command and Communications needs.

Provides a professional operations desktop, off-the grid power, night lighting, cellular backhaul (including optional FirstNet - Band 14), radios, inter-operability, on-board server with an assortment of peripherals including 4 flat panel monitors and a printer/scanner, Wi-Fi and wired local area network connections. Deployed in minutes at initial dispatch. Can be pulled/pushed, attached to a vehicle, transported by helicopter or aircraft, to virtually any location desired. Able to go inside buildings, elevators, ramps, sidewalks, alleys, parking garages, confined spaces, off-road or on-road at emergency response speeds. Requires only one person to deploy and no lifting of any kind. Comes standard with:

  • PodRunner® chassis and vehicle hitch adapter system
  • On board power system, including generator and battery backup
  • Desktop/Command Post system including command board, and optional folding chairs and portable enclosure
  • Backhaul System featuring high speed cellular and Ethernet
  • Access Side System with a complete LAN—both wired and wireless
  • Computer, wireless keyboard, mouse, 4 flat-panel monitors and a printer/scanner
  • TV/Radio broadcast monitoring system
  • Optional Radio Systems (client chooses the radio types – VHF, UHF, HF, Ham)
  • Optional aircraft mobility devices
  • Owner’s manuals and one year warranty

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Call (530) 891-3573 x110 to learn more about customization options

A Fully Customizable Form Factor to Deliver What You Need Where You Need It

>> View/Download Command-Runner Spec Sheet

Enables a customized build that can be completed by the client, a third party integrator or PodRunner®. Comes with a full power system and 24U of empty rack mounts, allowing the client to determine on-board technologies for their specific needs. The Command-Runner comes standard with:

  • PodRunner® chassis and hitch adapter system
  • On board power system
  • Auto power source selection with automatic failover/back (shore, 80 Ah AGM battery, 2000W generator)
  • Battery management system and voltmeter
  • 600 Watt inverter
  • Desktop System
  • Polycarbonate desktop with adjustable height support legs
  • Customizable command board
  • LED scene lighting
  • Receptacles (120 VAC, USB, 12 VDC, Rig-Runner 12 VDC)
  • Industry standard rackmounts: 24U (19”W x 12U H x 16” D rackmounts) with front and rear access doors
  • Customizable to support a multitude of configurations and technologies

>> Request more info
Call (530) 891-3573 x110 to learn more about customization options

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Pod Specifications

podrunner-all-WS-viewsBox Construction Material:

  • 1/8" thick 5052-H32 Aluminum


Internal Length 58"
Internal Width 21 1/2"
Internal Height 25"
Work Surface Length 55"
Work Surface Width 17 1/2"
Weight 125 lbs
Storage 17 1/2 Cubic Feet
Cargo Capacity (class 3 hitch) 300 lbs
Cargo Capacity (class 4 hitch) 400 lbs
External Length 60"
External Width 24 1/2"
External Height 25 1/2"


Command-Runner™ with Generator Compartment
The Command-Runner™ is also available with a generator compartment designed to store a Yamaha EF2000iS sized generator. The Compartment is accessible from an exterior locking door and is completely sealed off from the rest of the box to prevent fuel/fume contamination.
Internal Length 58"
Internal Width 21 1/2"
Internal Height 25"
Compartment Intrusion 20" x 11 3/4 x 18 1/4"
Compartment Dimensions 19 3/4 x 11 1/2 x 18 1/4"
Work Surface Length 55"
Work Surface Width 17 1/2"
Weight 130
Storage 14 1/2 Cubic Feet
Cargo Capacity (class 3 hitch) 300 lbs
Cargo Capacity (class 4 hitch) 400 lbs
Runner Specifications


PodRunner® Chassis (Runner) Wheels Up Wheels Up
Length 59 1/2" 73 1/2"
Width 31" 31"
Height (frame only) 21 3/4" 10 1/2"
Height (including handle) 43 1/2" 38 1/2"
Weight - 100lbs
Load Capacity (class 3 hitch) - 400lbs
Load Capacity (class 4 hitch) - 500lbs



  • The PodRunner® Hitch Adapter works with any 2” class 3/4 trailer hitch with no vehicle modifications.*
  • The sturdy scissor lift design of the Runner enables you to easily raise and lower your Command-RunnerⓇ on and off your vehicle, or adjust the working height.
  • Once mounted on the vehicle, the tires lift up off the ground and can rotate above the frame for substantial road clearance.
  • Steering handle includes comfortable, ergonomic grips and hydraulic braking system for precision control on steep terrain.
  • Standard 4 pin trailer connection powers running lights, turn signals and license plate illumination.
  • The fully adjustable hitch adapter and Pitch-LokⓇ loading system ensures a smooth and balanced ride when mounted on your vehicle.

Chassis Construction Material:

  • American made 6061-T6 Aluminum and 1144 Steel


  • Mirrored Dual Piston Tektro hydraulic disk brakes with Parking Lock


  • Super bright LED stop, turn and running lights. Also side view yellow clearance lights.
Hitch Adapter Specifications

podrunner-hitch-adapterConstruction Material:

  • American made AR400 Steel and Grade 8 Bolts


  • Redundant pins, bolts and cables at critical junctions

Vehicle Clearance

  • From rear of vehicle to Mounting Box: 3' min
  • Base of vehicle's hitch tube to ground: 15" min

* rear mounted spare tires may exceed the minimum clearance.

Total Length 19"
Total Width 7"
Total Height 18 1/4
Weight 35 lbs
Pod Features
Powder Coating RD-PCC [Color] - Custom colors available
Red [RED] White [WHT] Black Gloss [BKG] Black Matte [BKM] Green [GRN]
Vinyl Graphics
Basic Vinyl Graphics (PR-GFX-A) - 2 color application
Premium Vinyl Graphics (PR-GFX-B)
Full Vinyl Wrap (PR-GFX-W)
Command-RunnerTM w/ Generator Compartment
  Lid Tie Downs   Polycarb Clear Work Surface
battery compartment   Lid Tie Downs   plexiglass1
The Command-RunnerTM is also available with a generator compartment designed to store are Yamaha EF2000is sized generator. The compartment is accessible from an exterior locking door and is completely sealed off from the box to prevent fuel/fume contamination. Includes: Runner and fold out aluminum desk with (2) locking T-handles, (2) positive grip front catches, sockets for on-board LED lights , and locking external generator compartment.   (3) Super track rails and (9) load rings. Exterior lid mount for strap down of larger items.   3/8" Poly carbonate cover for fold down front work surface. Includes hardware

LED Interior Lid Lights and Wiring
  Rack Mount Frame(s)   Support Legs
LED lights1   small tab pic1   support legs
Mounted on the interior lid, includes (3) LED lights with wiring   19" wide rack mount frames (x3) 12U tall x 17" deep. *With generator compartment, left rack is modified.   Adjustable, telescoping composite drop legs to add additional support to the Command RunnerTM drop-down work surface. Set of 2

White Board   Portable T-Card Kit   Battery and Battery Enclosure
white board   t-card kit   battery enclosure1
Inner lid mount with 3 dry erase pens. Includes mounting software.   Includes removable left and right mounting arm, 200 card capacity T-Card holder and 100 blank #3 T-cards   Deep cycle battery options with cradle bolted into rear or rack mount frame.

Rack Mount Accessories and Radios   Power Control Module   Yamaha EF 2000iS Generator
rack mount 2     yamaha
Accessories: 19" Rack Mounted Drawers, shelves, slide trays, 3 prong/USB/charging port power options, etc. Custom configurations based on customer Design.
Radios: Radios, repeaters, rack mount faceplates, microphone hooks and wiring. Custom configurations based on customer design.
  Includes 400W continuous Pure Sine Wave inverter, 60 AMP battery management system, relay and power distribution circuits, digital voltmeter, AC & DC power distribution and power access, illuminated master power switch and overhead LED light controls.   Fits within the Command-RunnerTM Generator Compartment. Includes extension cord.

Auxiliary Power Strips   Laptop Drawer with Charging Plug   Sliding Printer Platform
Pre-wired with USB and 12 VDC ports, 120 VAC plugs and RIGrunner   Pre-wired charging plug at rear of drawer and front grommet for wire pass-through.   Sliding printer shelf with mounts.


Additional Options:

  • Shelves, Brackets, Drawers and Slide Mounts
  • Equipment Racks
  • Electrical Power Systems (Solar, Battery, Generator, Shore)
  • Communications and Computing Configurations
  • Tow Bar (motorized cart attachment)
  • Extra Hitch Adapter


Rescue 42 limited warranty covers the Command-Runne™ and Runner for one year against manufacturers defect.

Industries Served


  • Fire Investigations
  • Public Information Officer desk/education display
  • HazMat lab
  • Map printer enclosure
  • Remote/portable dispatch console
  • Radio repeater enclosure
  • Field medical station
  • Rehab station
  • Incident Command Post

Law Enforcement

  • Mobile Booking Unit
  • DUI Checkpoint
  • Crime scene lab
  • Incident Command Post


  • Monitoring Unit
  • Field desk
  • Remote laboratory
  • Foreman Station
  • Sales Display