Portable Satellite Systems for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

SR-RainStar-Runner: Get Your Business Back Online in 10 Minutes

Star-Runner offers unrivaled portability and high speed satellite internet to get your business back online within 10 minutes! It’s the best, most portable platform to reduce operational risk due to a connectivity disruption.

When Uptime Is Your Success Metric

High speed internet is the most critical operating and communications tool in today’s business environment. Without internet, you can not access cloud based applications, data or use VoIP phones.

High speed internet is essential in today’s business environment. Multiple pathways to internet connectivity—not multiple service providers—is the best answer to reliable uptime when disaster strikes and service providers fail.

4G/LTE as your only alternative pathway could be useless during major, widespread events.  The cellular infrastructure cannot support the surge volume generated during widespread outages and will leave you without a connection to keep your business running.

Star-Runner provides high speed internet pathway diversity with IP connections anywhere, anytime:
  • Inside buildings
  • Outdoors
  • Parking lots and structures
  • Mountain tops
  • Rooftops
  • Cities
  • Canyons and Rangelands
High speed internet pathways are routinely lost to uncontrollable events:
  • Transmission cable damage, power outage, flooded utility vaults, fire, and explosion
  • Component failure and programming errors
  • Vandalism and hacking causing network congestion or failure
  • Violence and terrorism
  • Lightning, tropical, wind and ice storms
  • Hurricane, tornado, earthquake, floods, brush fires, forest fires and shifts from landslides
  • 4G/LTE cellular network overload and congestion
Resulting in:
  • Lost revenue and profits
  • Lost customers
  • Incremental operating costs
  • Idled salaried workforce
  • Disaster recovery expense

Avoid disastrous business losses with a dependable, portable high speed satellite internet connection when terrestrial internet service providers fail.

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Keep Operations Going No Matter What

Did you know that roughly 40 percent of businesses in the United States are unable to recover after a disaster? To prevent this, it is highly advised that your business include a portable satellite dish or any other portable satellite systems in your disaster recovery plan.

The PodRunner is proud to offer clients a wide range of mobile incident command centers. Furthermore, we can easily customize your preferred solution to ensure seamless integration in the event of a disaster. Together, we can help keep your business running smoothly no matter what may happen.

We also offer the following based on your anticipated and current needs. The PodRunner is happy to make recommendations in the event you are unsure of which solution would work best for you:

How May We Help You?

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