Water Management

Water Management

Firefighting and Dewatering Deployable | Fire Departments, Utilities, Homeowners and HOAs

The Pump-Runner can be swiftly deployed within 15 minutes to supply water from non-traditional fire-fighting sources.

It can be transported by any vehicle type with a 2” standard class 2, 3 or 4 trailer hitch. Stored in a garage or shed and deployed by simply pulling it along any firm surface, it has self-contained power allowing the operator to depart the scene while leaving the system up and operational.

The multi-tasking design of the Pump-Runner allows the same unit to serve both fire-fighting/defensible space needs and emergency (or planned) de-watering of flooded space.

This ingenious unit can:

  • Source water from pools, ponds, lakes and streams otherwise unreachable to engine and tanker/tenders
  • Establish a roadside/curbside temporary hydrant, fully pressurized and conforming with all professional fire-fighting hose and coupling specifications
  • Provide 300GPM pumping capacity to fill an engine, tanker or tender in minutes
  • Once deployed, run unattended providing pressure for up to 5 hours without refueling
  • Enable homeowners to leave the scene for their safety while allowing firefighters the ability to harness their pool for a water source
  • Be swiftly dispatched to flooding sites to dewater hard to reach locations
  • Easily relocated from one location to the next when multiple locations are simultaneously affected by floodwaters
  • Draft water for dust suppression
  • Free up utility fleet assets because it attaches and detaches from the vehicle rather than being integrated to it
  • Avoid injury due to lifting heavy pumps and gear

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