SatRunner™ Supports Event’s Medical Communications

SatRunner™ Supports Event’s Medical Communications

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On the weekend of June 7-9, 2019, the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania hosted their annual WWII Weekend.  This event attracts over 20,000 attendees and is one of the largest shows of its type in the U.S. Since 1991, more than 30 WWII aircraft, 50 restored military vehicles and over 200 living history participants and performers from eight states join together at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum for a weekend of festivities. 

The East Central Healthcare Coalition’s new SatRunner™ supported medical communication operations during this annual WWII Weekend, and provided Wi-Fi internet access for the on-site care station. It also provided Wi-Fi  internet access for roving and fixed EMS units who utilized a web-based system to account for all patients.  "Since good internet connection is essential for the tracking system to work, the SatRunner™ was an important resource," says Chris Chamberlain, Regional Manager of Emergency Preparedness for the East Central and North Central Regions.  "This was especially true during the peak attendance on Saturday, when LTE service began to slow down due to system overload.  We quickly switched to satellite internet, and had no further issues!"

The East Central Healthcare Coalition's SatRunner™ deployed on June 7, 2019 for one of the largest events at the Reading Regional Airport, providing Wi-Fi for emergency personnel.

East Central Healthcare Coalition received their order in early Spring 2019. This WWII event at the Regional Airport in Reading, Pennsylvania marked the inaugural deployment of the unit. The feedback of their organization's SatRunner during the event was nothing short of positive.  "We look forward to fielding the unit is support of additional events in Pennsylvania," said Chamberlain of future operational plans. 

Successful emergency preparedness means having a plan in place for reliable communication--it is the foundation for any successful operation. With the SatRunner™, Wi-Fi is available to your Department regardless of the location or situation. Find out what the SatRunner™ can do for your Team! Contact us today at (888) 427-3728, visit our website, or send us an email with your questions at! 

Click to download a printable PDF of this article. 

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