4 Tips for New Incident Commanders

  If you have recently joined an Emergency Management department, or if you aspire to be an Incident Commander, you know that you have a lot of learning to do. These are demanding roles that are critical to the success of emergency operations. Here are some tips from former and current Incident Command experts on how ... Read more

Mobile Command Center or Portable Satellite Needs?

If there’s one thing that’s common to every mobile command center or portable satellite communication need it’s that nothing is standard to every mobile incident command center or portable satellite need! The situations that call for Command-Runner™ and Star-Runner™ systems are all as unique as the agencies, organizations, and departments that need them. So how ... Read more

Achieving Maximum Mobility for a Portable Satellite Antenna

portable satellite system

Registration requirements, insurance, flat tires other on-road issues, and the difficulty of maneuvering a traditional trailer-mounted Cell on Wheels (CoW) unit are hassles that most organizations would rather not deal with when it comes to deploying their portable satellite antenna. Thankfully, there are other ways to ensure that you can get your communications gear anywhere ... Read more

Ka or Ku Band: What’s Right for Your Portable Satellite System?

When disaster strikes, you need to have a business continuity plan in place and the technology to support it. A key aspect of that plan for companies that must maintain an internet connection is a portable satellite system. Fully customizable Star-Runner units can provide that connection. What Is the Better Band for Your Requirements? Increasingly ... Read more

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